Whilst the Archaeology Centre is currently closed, we continue to work behind the scenes at home and at the Centre.

We are unable to welcome volunteers back to the centre, we are however working on future plans and will keep you updated.

Over the last few months during Lockdown work has continued on sorting and tidying up all our data and information we hold into more accessible folders for all of the Sites so that hopefully , in the not too distant future, we can start putting some of the sites here for everyone to access.

The data from Site 17 – The Three Mariners – is being amalgamated,  all the Excel files on CBM, Metal, Bone . The size of these paled into insignificance to the Excel folder on Pottery. Having amalgamated all the files, checked for duplicates and ordered, there are now over 5000 entries,  which I am reliably informed contain over 20,000 sherds of Pot!

Having taken a deep breath, I am now embarking on Glass, not quite as extensive, but still a good amount.

We have also been gardening regularly, keeping the front and back area of the house and car parks in good order – no mean feat. Take a look at the pictures on the next page.

The front car park and hedge
This flower bed is looking colourful this year

This is part of an early report From Site 17 (The Three Mariners), it gives a glimpse into how important this site is.

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