Volunteers have been recently working on a variety of tasks. We are, at last, trying to update our computer data entries and have been taking all stored records from our floppy discs – yes we still have some – and we still have computers that can use them! The data is now on memory sticks and laptops. Other volunteers have been collating the data for our prestigious pipe collection, ensuring the pipes can then be viewed from the collection.

Other volunteers are collating all the paper work, maps and plans and some volunteers are creating Harris Matrix from Site 38: 42 London Road, to show where all the finds were excavated from the site. This site is of archaeological importance and there are plans to build a complex of retirement homes on the site.
(Find plans by visiting Surrey Heath Planning site: 18/1083)

Read our latest newsletter where there is an article on one of our volunteers who sadly died recently.
SHAHT Newsletter May 2019

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