The Mayor of Surrey Heath, Cllr John Winterton and The Mayoress visited Surrey Heath Archaeological and Heritage Trust (SHAHT) on Monday 20th March to view the heritage and archaeology of Surrey Heath. They travelled through many centuries of local history including the Iron Age, the Romans, the medieval life of Bagshot through to the Victorian era and more modern times.

They viewed the finds stored at the Centre, many of national importance, that SHAHT currently look after and safeguard for today and future generations. Members of U3A and SHAHT who volunteer on a weekly basis identifying, collating and storing these finds were able to show the Mayor and Mayoress something of what they do. The Mayoress commented that she was ‘learning masses’ and that both she and the Mayor were keen to see our future secured.

Currently SHAHT’s future at this site is very uncertain as the building is leased from Surrey County Council on an annual basis and the lease is due to end June 2017. The building was formerly the Police Station for Bagshot and is a locally listed building. The Mayor was able to discover what it would have been like to be detained in one of the cells.

SHAHT fear that all the invaluable finds and heritage kept there may be lost to the people of Surrey Heath and to future generations if they are unable to find new storage space. They would like to see the archaeology currently held at SHAHT given the same level of importance as the collections of Surrey Heath Museum.


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